The Oaks



Carlos, Angelica, and Saul have called the Garnet neighborhood home for most of their lives.  As these three siblings started attending Solidarity's Teen Center and Merge youth church, they quickly became an influential part of the community. Their joy, positivity, and willingness to lead at every given opportunity was contagious. In 2016, the three siblings attended the Oaks Winter Camp together and, for the first time, experienced the truth and love of Jesus as a family.The most meaningful part for them was that it was not simply an individual experience, but one that grew them closer as brothers and sister. The Oaks was a perfect place for them to connect with other students from Garnet and Maple neighborhoods through adventure and risk, tying them to a new family.

Because of the Oaks, all three siblings committed to being a part of the IMPACT leadership development program. They receive weekly mentoring and discipleship centered around growing their leadership and faith. Even though camp was just one weekend, the experience created a lasting effect for their family and community.

Vere & Vanessa: How a shy girl became the next neighborhood leader.

Verenice (Vere) cannot help but to smile.  Everywhere she goes she is grinning ear to ear.  Although she was extremely shy as an eight year old, nothing could ever stop her from greeting you with a smile. This was the case the first time she joined the Garnet After School Program and met Vanessa, an ASP volunteer.