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Investing in women & girls will completely transform an urban community.

(It will take $20,000 to incubate the new Garnet leadership cohort, would you consider playing a part?)

In the Maple neighborhood, we have seen how investing in the moms has developed WELLS of nourishment that brought about flourishing in the community... TOGETHER we can see that same shift in the Garnet neighborhood.

Last December, Mamas De Maple hosted a cross neighborhood Christmas festival for both the Maple & Garnet communities.

Last December, Mamas De Maple hosted a cross neighborhood Christmas festival for both the Maple & Garnet communities.


Many of you are [ have been raised by / are shaping the next ] incredible women of strength who are in high areas of leadership in the workplace, the church, and around the city. You have raised tremendous families, have developed incredible careers, and still make time to invest and mentor others. In some ways, many of you have been "wells" for your communities, a place of refuge and nourishment that others can draw from.

We believe, in order to see Solidarity's vision - urban communities becoming an asset for their city - come true, there must be a significant investment & belief in the women and girls who make up the glue of the community.

For the past six years, Martha San Elias (Maple Community Development Lead) has been pouring into the mamas in the Maple neighborhood. They have discovered their voice, their influence, and a healthy pride of their culture and story. It's as if their "wells" have deepened over the past six years, bringing life and flourishing to the Maple neighborhood.

The Mamas are getting a glimpse into the strong women God created them to be and have been living into that identity.

Now, Martha and the Mamas are looking to foster a similar leadership community in the Garnet neighborhood; to help dig a NEW WELL as they incubate a new crop of leaders within the Garnet neighborhood.


Would you be willing to invest into the next leadership cohort of Mamas?  The Garnet neighborhood needs their leadership and ownership of the community. At Solidarity, we envision a world where urban communities are recognized as an asset to their city, and it starts with investing in female leaders within the community.

TOTAL:  $20,000
(See proposed budget)

What outcomes & deliverables can you expect from your investment?

Linking experience from Mamas De Maple's time together, the training they received from a Community Building Initiative grant from St. Joseph's Health, and assistance from mentors and Solidarity board members, Martha and the moms hope to see these deliverables come true in 2019:A 2020 Action Plan for community engagement and development.

  • Create a safe and welcoming space for moms to gather, dream, and strategize to create a neighborhood they envision.

  • Deeper sense of community and empowerment among moms in the Garnet neighborhood.

  • Development of Mamas de Garnet lead team & key volunteers.

  • Leadership development and training for lead team.

  • Identify a Mamas de Garnet lead.

  • Co-community events between rival gang communities.

A Story of Mamas De Maple’s Impact