The IMPACT leadership development program is mentoring based context designed to help students (7th grade to 12th grade) and young adults (19 to 24 yrs old) become the individual that God always intended them to be.  There is a challenge each semester to FIGHT MEDIOCRITY and LIVE BOLDLY.  Each young person meets with a mentor nine weeks in a semester.  Together they set goals, follow through on commitments, and uncover the person God made them to be.



The Maple neighborhood is thriving with families who are striving to create beautiful community.  The key to the transformation have been a small group of neighborhood leaders who make up Mamas de Maple. In this leadership group, these local mothers have surveyed the neighborhood, identified current realities that the community feels does not have to be this way, and are moving to find solutions through the assets within the neighborhood.



An outdoor adventure program that believes intentional experiences in nature can lead to significant life transformation. This program focuses on five means for developing a context for discipleship: Specialized nature experiences, Experiential teaching/learning, Disruptive story telling, Natural mentoring, and Holistic support.


We believe in presence over margins, People over projects.