The two neighborhoods that Solidarity engages often have negative labels placed on them. For 16 years, we have come to view these neighborhoods as communities of strength, driven by local leaders who care deeply about their neighborhood and their city.

Solidarity's role is to simply provide a context for growth (L.E.E.A.D.) and then to amplify the voice of these communities.


Located in East Fullerton the Garnet neighborhood is a densely populated six block community made up of mostly first generation Latinos or families who just came to this country.  While Garnet has issues that hurt the community - drugs, alcoholism, gangs, fatherlessness, undocumentation - there is a thriving, beautifully rich culture that exists in the neigbhorhood. 

1690 N. Placentia Ave. Fullerton, CA 92831



The Maple community is a multi-generation neighborhood.  Located just south of downtown Fullerton, the Maple neighborhood was originally intended as red-lined minority housing.  For decades God has been moving in this community despite the strong gang and drug presence.  Solidarity was graciously allowed to be a part of this community and have experienced an inner strength that has developed into real transformation.

601 E. Valencia Dr. Fullerton, CA 92832