Out Of Isolation, Into A Family

"I know that God showed up..."

Note for the reader: For the privacy of those involved, the client names in this story have been changed.

Karina is a client that Camino Immigration Services is representing in an asylum case. Along with her husband and kids, Karina fled her home country to escape persecution they were facing at the hand of their government. 

Karina got connected with Camino last summer. In June 2017, the Camino team submitted her application for Asylum. Karina and her husband found any odd-job available to make ends meet and pay for the Camino services, but in September their family started falling into financial trouble and were unable to continue making payments for Camino's services. The time for them to apply for their work permits was getting closer and the Camino team made every effort to get in touch with Karina and her family. We weren't getting any response. Concerned that something was wrong, Bethany and Alejandra from our Camino staff dropped by her house after work one day.  After convincing Karina she could trust them and that they genuinely cared about her family and their situation, she started weeping, feeling embarrassed for not being able to make payments for months. Bethany told Karina their reason for being there wasn't to be bill collectors, but to care for them, to pray with them, and to provide peace in any way possible. They dismantled the lies that led to shame and were able to be people of peace for a very scared and isolated family. The Camino team reached out to a church partner for aid in covering costs for essentials. The church stepped up and it was beautiful to see the help that went above and beyond what was asked of them to provide for and bless Karina's family and many more. 

Our relationship with Karina continues to build. She recently opened up saying, 

When you guys came to visit me back in September. I was falling into depression and I wanted to give up. But to see that Bethany and [Alejandra] genuinely cared and seeing God's promises through you really lifted me up again. You guys are a great  blessing for my family and me. The constant check-ups, inviting us to sit at your dinner table, parties, and truly reaching out has lifted me and my husband. I know that God has really showed up for all our necessities. He truly knows our heart and [uses] people like you to truly see His kingdom at work.

Karina now volunteers at Camino. When Alejandra asked if she wanted to continue her education she lit up and said "Yes!" Alejandra helped her sign up for English classes and asked for her schooling records. Karina has a Master's degree back in her home country. We are looking into possibilities of her transferring her credits so she can take an assessment and get her degree in the US as well.