Charles & Eastside's Young Adults have chosen to engage their city using Solid City Coffee to create impact both locally and globally.

Over the past year, Solid City Coffee (SCC) has been reimagining how God can use coffee as a catalyst for community transformation. Through this process, SCC has had the opportunity to develop some new partnerships and engage both individuals and communities.  

One such partnership has been with Charles Stoicu and Eastside Christian Church's young adults community, Ethos.  

Over the past two semesters, Charles and Eastside's Young Adults have created, what they call, a “Finals Survival Kit.” Their group has been on 15 campuses over the past year, passing out thousands of free gift bags filled with scantron sheets, pencils, and a bottle of Solid City Coffee Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew.  Charles looked to Jesus, noticed how He initiated relationships with generosity, and wanted to train Ethos students in the same art of generosity.

The heart behind the Ethos's leadership team is to create a context for quality conversation.  And what better way to engage with college students than to hand out the tools necessary to succeed while talking over a free bottle of cold brew?

Strangers become friends. The Church engages their city.  Jesus’ generous hospitality is displayed.  And at the same time, every bottle of SCC Cold Brew handed out also positively affects a global reality that breaks Jesus’ heart. 

Solid City Coffee is directly tied to Casa Liberdade, an aftercare house for sex-trafficked survivors in São Paulo.  Solidarity’s team has been working tirelessly to open the home in a crucial time with the rise of sex-tourism due to the recent World Cup and coming Olympics.

"By using something that people drink every day, Solid City Coffee is fighting sex-trafficking.  Ethos is all about unleashing compassion to our neighbors both locally and globally, this just seemed like the perfect marriage." 

- Charles Stoicu

At Eastside's Ethos group, coffee is no longer ordinary.

Will you re-imagine how coffee can be a tool for community engagement and city transformation?

Individuals like Charles, and communities like Eastside's Ethos, have chosen to re-imagine how God can use everyday coffee for His Kingdom.  

Whether using coffee as a means to partner with a local business with a similar passion to fight sex-trafficking, create job training/development for youth from at-risk neighborhoods (that’s what we do!), or using it as a relational bridge with friends and family, this ordinary drink has the ability to become a Kingdom-engaging tool.